Mythic Transformations

Rating 3 / 5

A collection of stories but I prefer the other collection from this author. Overall I was hoping for a sphinx but no sphinx.

Guardians of Mistcrown
I liked this one. The story is not just the transformation but also dealing with the changes.

The Petlyak-15 Amusement Engine
Magical game that get subverted from it's original purpose. Good subtle transformation as well.

Little Grey Dragons
A bit of transformation. Not one that I enjoyed though.

Griffin Rider Venn
This one feels like the transformation has just been tacked on.

Gods do not really care about mortals.

Ivan and the Black Riders
Transformation from a tyrant and eventual small rebellion.

Strange Waters

An interesting idea but only a small story.

Seal of Solitude
Selkie change.

Aldous and the Rain of Coins
I think this one is part fay.

In Glass
Taking the essences of something and replacing part of something else with that.

Where You Find It
Jaguar mecha in 2012 from Mayan myth.

The Gift of Life
You can choose one person a day to bring back to life.

ZOM100: Zombie Mitgation Lab

Ai left alone in a zombie outbreak trying to keep some humanity alive.

The Temple Beneath the Ashes
Dungeon core story but without the killing. This seems like it is missing something without it.

Princess Holy Aura Reviews High Steaks

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